I’m excited to share that I’m coming back to the ed-tech space to help schools build amazing shared cultural systems.

From 2011 to 2018, I had the pleasure of being a co-founding member of GoNoodle — first as the founding product manager, then later as VP of Product. On that 7-year journey, my team and I created and launched a product idea, grew a monthly audience of 14M students and 700K teachers, and engaged kids in millions of minutes of movement + learning.

GoNoodle was the outcome of an intentional career move. In 2009 it dawned on me that my career calling was in the education space. I assumed that my path was to go into the classroom as a…

Or, Why Product Managers Need to Swim in the Deep End of the Pool

Team GoNoodle, circa 2015, on what will forever be remembered as “Overall Friday”

In late 2013, I was a few months post-launch with a new edtech product called GoNoodle, and it consumed most of my thoughts in a day. We were growing, but we had a high churn rate that suggested there may be an early ceiling to that growth. Even when I wasn’t in the office, I was constantly ruminating on how we could unlock the growth I had faith we were capable of.

One day, I was in a private forum with a small group of our early users and was seeking feedback on the product. One user brought up a…

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

As I keep an eye on the job market for PMs, it’s frustrating to see how often job descriptions are written to specifically seek former developers turned Product Managers.

Yes — there are roles where technical backgrounds matter. Maybe you’re building a highly technical product for a highly technical persona. Or maybe you’re subdividing a large product team into smaller units, and one of those units is focused on a highly technical component of the product.

But I’ll say this: if the product’s primary challenge is finding users, engaging them, and driving purchasing behaviors — and I think most products…

I promise this reference is going somewhere.

Before I get to the arm-wrestling movie reference, a back story:

It’s July 2013. I’ve been working full-time for the past 6 months on a new product called GoNoodle. It’s a side-project that grew to increasing priority as we realized our core product had a questionable future. GoNoodle is slated for release in a month. I’ve begun circulating it internally and have received some hard questions and bewilderment from some of our own staff, who don’t fully understand why we’re building something new instead of doubling down on the legacy product.

GoNoodle is a gamble: our early user research showed…

Aaron Briggs

Product leader, dad, cyclist, climber with a shoulder injury, musician with dwindling practice, vinyl collector, Oxford Comma defender.

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